Remember Kyle Bristow, lawyer for white supremacists? He now wins Michigan women big revenge-porn settlements

April 09, 2021, 7:31 AM by  Violet Ikonomova

Kyle Bristow

Kyle Bristow ... for the win?

The Michigan lawyer once dubbed the "attorney for Aryans" by the Southern Poverty Law Center appears to have come a ways since his days of representing white nationalists like Richard Spencer. Today he helps women scrub the internet of nudes whose release they did not consent to, and nail the guys that posted them.

Bristow's latest major settlement is against an Oak Park man who posted photos and videos of his ex-girlfriend to a porn website, the Freep reports. Kelley Deshawn Turner was ordered by an Oakland County judge to pay the woman $500,000 and threatened with jailtime if he fails to do so.

Bristol has in recent years won a handful of six-figure settlements for Michigan revenge-porn victims, the Freep reports.

Three of the awards, including the one this week, were for $500,000, one award gained $600,000 and one was for $100,000, he said.

In the award ordered this week, Bristow’s client was a 35-year-old woman who now lives in Maryland, he said. The Oak Park man, 39-year-old Kelley Turner, had been harassing her for eight years and “completely ruined my life,” the woman said in a victim’s impact statement that she read to the judge this week.

The work follows his 2018 split with the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, a group he founded to fight the legal battles of the alt-right.

But he did once hint at an ideological link when he began taking revenge-porn cases around 2013, saying in an interview:

“Revenge pornography is nothing more than a manifestation of liberalism. Most victims on revenge pornography websites are young, white, blonde, middle class, American women. Women who the pornographers can link to conservatism or Christianity are especially targeted for harassment.”

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