Michigan trooper's dash video shows Rep. Jewell Jones resisting handcuffs after I-96 crash

April 25, 2021, 8:57 AM

An Inskter legislator's rough day on a Metro Detroit freeway now can be seen on police dashboard camera footage.

The roadside scene in Fowlerville three weeks ago. (Photo: WDIV video)

A 50-second video excerpt, posted here by WDIV, shows 26-year-old Rep. Jewell Jones being forcibly arrested by two state troopers alongside I-96 in Livingston County after he veered into a ditch. The Democrat is forced to the grass after resisting an initial handcuffing attempt.

He was tased twice and pepper-sprayed, a Michigan State Police report says. The third-term representative had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19%, more than twice the legal limit, the document adds. Jones' blood sample was obtained with a warrant after he refused to be tested voluntarily.

He's charged with resisting and obstructing officers -- a felony -- driving with a high blood-alcohol content, reckless driving and possessing a weapon while under the influence.

Earlier coverage, April 22:

As state troopers responded to an I-96 crash in Livingston County involving Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones, the lawmaker allegedly struggled with state troopers and told them he'd "call Gretchen" in retaliation. 

Rep. Jewell Jones in custody April 6

The Detroit News got the police report

"I don’t give a f--- bro, when I call Gretchen ill (sic) need yall (sic) ID’s badge numbers everything," state Rep. Jewell Jones said, according to the report, which The Detroit News obtained Wednesday.

He also said: "It's not going to be good for you, I run y'all budget, bro," according to a trooper on the scene.

Bearing a license plate with "ELECTED" written across it, Jones' black Chevy Tahoe drifted erratically in and out of lanes and rumble strips along Interstate 96 on April 6 before he pulled off onto the shoulder and rolled into the ditch, according to the MSP report from his arrest.

Jones, 26, is a third-term Democratic state representative from Inkster. 

Troopers used a stun gun and pepper spray to subdue Jones. He spent the night in jail and was released the next day. Last week he was charged with resisting arrest, operating while intoxicated and other offenses. 

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