Grosse Pointe cadaver dealer wants early release from prison -- but won't get vaxxed

May 06, 2021, 8:05 AM

For those of us who don't follow professional wrestling, there is perhaps no clickbait headline clickier than one that begins Grosse Pointe man begs for prison release. Any wealthier suburb will do, and the "begs" is an important part of it. It makes one think: Oh now you're begging? Should have thought of that before you :::checks notes::: accepted a bucket full of human heads shipped from overseas!

Will someone think of the victims? (File photo)

Yes, it's Arthur Rathburn we're talking about here, the man who is, as Tresa Baldas puts it perfectly, "a onetime prominent cadaver expert who built a $13-million empire cutting up bodies with chainsaws and renting their parts to medical researchers." 

He's been behind bars since 2018, after he was convicted of, again thanks Tresa, "scamming medical researchers out of $2.7 million by selling and renting them infected body parts, pretending they were disease-free." 

Now he's asking for compassionate release, claiming a variety of ailments that he says make him susceptible to Covid-19, while at the same time refusing to accept the Covid vaccine:

He says he has precancerous arthritis, a weakened immune system and poor kidney function and takes medicines that could compromise his immune system.

(What is "precancerous arthritis?" Asking for a cadaver dealer.)

Rathbun wants to be freed to home detention, but not in Grosse Pointe. Rather, he wants to live with a cousin in White Pigeon, which, when you think about it, is a long way from Grosse Pointe, with little to see there other than :::checks notes again::: the Tasty Nut Shop on U.S. 12.

-- Nancy Derringer

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