Taste of Hollywood: Ex-Detroit QB Matt Stafford Hangs with Larry David and JB Smoove

May 06, 2021, 4:47 PM by  Allan Lengel

Now comes the exposure to real stardom.

Ex-Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was traded to the Los Angeles Rams in March, is seen posing in a photo on Instagram with "Curb Your Enthusias" stars Larry David and JB Smoove.

The photo was posted Wednesday on the Instagram page of Miles Rogers, chief strategy officer for Wheels Up, a private charter jet company. Rogers is in the photo on the very right. There are no details behind the photo on Instagram beyond that it was taken in Los Angeles.

Don Drysdale writes in Detroit Sports Nation:

Ok, this may be pushing it a bit in terms of what is or is not post-worthy for Detroit Sports Nation but the photo you are about to see just so happens to feature two of my favorite people so you will just have to deal with it!


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